2011-01-26 new libmd release

I've decided to release a new version of libmd (yeah the name as changed) so people doesn't have to checkout latest source via cvs.
A lot of change have been done, I have not compute all into a file but reading cvs log would help. Download

2010-01-16 libsmd 0.1 released !!!

I've just tag the libsmd to version 0.1
You can either download this package or checkout the cvs by specifing the tag "libsmd_0-1"


Checkout the libmd via anoncvs

You can use the anonymous account "anoncvs" to checkout the libsmd and the examples. No password is required
Just type this line from a terminal (or use tortoise cvs under windows) :
$ cvs -d checkout libmd
$ cvs -d checkout examples

Building for *BSD/Linux

Linux users should use pmake or bmake (depending on your Linux distribution) and not make.
You will also need the package texinfo on Linux for building the toolchain.

Cross compiler

$ cvs -d checkout -p toolchain
$ cd toolchain
$ make PREFIX=/path/to/dir megadrive
$ export PATH="$PATH:/path/to/dir/bin"

This will build and install a working cross compiler

Building/Installing libmd

$ cd libmd (fetch by cvs or tarball)
$ make PREFIX=/path/to/dir all install